• M200 BK SIDE 1 e
  • M200 BK FRONT 1
  • M200 BK BACK 1
  • 6068 Mortise
  • M200 BK SIDE 1 e
  • M200 BK FRONT 1
  • M200 BK BACK 1
  • 6068 Mortise

Fingerprint Door Lock M200

  • Home and Office Application
  • Asia and Middle East Style


  • Fingerprint, Password, RF Card Unlocking
  • Up to 300 Different Users
  • Aluminium Alloy Material
  • 60-68mm Mortie Lock Body
  • Mechanical Keys for Emergency Access
  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
  • Voice Indicator
  • Door Bell Function
  • Internal Safe Handle


The 3rd Generation of Fingerprint Sensor

Our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof semiconductor sensor to make unlocking easy and secure.

Internal Safe Handle

In order to have a higher security level at night, you can push down the botton and activate the safe handle to make the lock cannot be unlocked from inside.

Tech Specs

Model M200
Material Aluminium Alloy, ABS
Finish SS/BK
Mortise Center Distance: 68mm; Backset: 60mm
Applicated Door Thickness 40~50mm
Power 6V (Alkaline AA battery x 4)
Battery Life Time 3,000~4,000 times
Emergency Power Port Micro-USB
Operating Temperature -15°C~55°C
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor Sensor
Password 6~10 Digits
Card S50 (13.56MHz)
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Not Available
Mechanical Key 2 Keys
User Capacity 300 (FP/PW/CARD)
Outside Plate Dimension 75x350x25 mm
Inside Plate Dimension 75x350x25 mm

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