With the help of those advanced production equipment and testing devices, Avent Security provides the best products to the people who look for high security for their doors.

Start with Qualified Raw Materials

Avent staff follows a strict quality inspections process for each raw material we receive. We even require an SGS test report on our 304 stainless steel material to ensure our engineers can shape it to the case of our locks.

Each circuit board goes through three different tests as part of our quality control process, including the complete 100% inspection of each board at its receipt. We test 15% of the materials during production and 15% of the samples within the final production process.

Every Step Counts

Our Tests to Ensure Quality

Avent takes pride in the performance of its door lock solution. We utilize a variety of durability and performance tests to ensure our product meets your highest expectations.

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    Performance Test

    The test evaluates the functions of our locks, such as the reading speed of fingerprints or codes.

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    Button Pressing Test

    We simulate pressing the buttons multiple times to test our locks' lifetime performance.

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    Neutral salt spray test

    To check on our locks’ corrosion resistance, we expose them to neutral salt spray for 200 hours.

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    Impact test

    We subject our locks to impact tests to ensure they can stand up against any forceful entry attempts.

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    Temperature Test

    We subject our locks to temperature tests between -10 ℃ and 60 ℃ to ensure they can resist intense heat or cold.

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    Mock test

    Each lock goes through a silicone analog finger test to simulate lock picking and to ensure our locks can withstand any break-in attempts.

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