• X1 GD SIDE 580x580 1
  • X1 GD FRONT 580x580 1
  • X1 GD BACK 580x580 1
  • 6068 Mortise
  • X1 GD SIDE 580x580 1
  • X1 GD FRONT 580x580 1
  • X1 GD BACK 580x580 1
  • 6068 Mortise

Smart Home Lock X1 Wi-Fi

  • Home and Office Application
  • Asia and Middle East Style


  • Fingerprint, Password, RF Card, Wi-Fi Unlocking
  • Up to 300 Different Users
  • Zinc Alloy Material
  • 60-68mm Mortise Lock Body
  • Mechanical Keys for Emergency Access
  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
  • Auto Lock/Unlock
  • Available with Wi-Fi Connection


Smart Home Wi-Fi Connection

The lock can work with Tuya Wi-Fi so that it can be one of the part for your smart home solution.

The 3rd Generation of Fingerprint Sensor

Our advanced fingerprint technology uses a scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof semiconductor sensor to make unlocking easy and secure.

Tech Specs

Model Smart Home Lock X1 Wi-Fi
Material Zinc Alloy, ABS
Finish BK/GD
Mortise Center Distance: 68mm; Backset: 60mm
Applicated Door Thickness 40~50mm
Power 7.4V (4200 mAh lithium battery)
Battery Life Time 3,000~4,000 times
Emergency Power Port Micro-USB
Operating Temperature -15°C~55°C
Fingerprint Sensor Semiconductor Sensor
Password 4~8 Digits
Card S50 (13.56MHz)
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Tuya Wi-Fi
Mechanical Key 2 Keys
User Capacity 300 (FP/PW/CARD)
Outside Plate Dimension 75*400*23
Inside Plate Dimension 82*400*29

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