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  • Pin Code Door Lock in Avent Security

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    The Avent Security Pin Code Door Lock is a high-quality security system that will certainly provide the highest level of security. As we mentioned it comes with an automatically locking, so for each valid entry, the door will automatically lock in 5 seconds. Moreover, it features a Passage Mode. When the Passage Mode is enabled, the lock will stay in unlock status until you enter the function to lock back the door. Plus, if the lockout mode is enabled, it will freeze the lock at its current status, such as lock or unlock function. 
    However, you need to re-enter the function code to disable the lockout mode and resume normal operation. One of the most amazing things about this device is the fact that it is easy to use and install. Thanks to its innovative system, it will automatically lock and unlock the door for you. It has more than 120 user codes that can be programmed into the lock or more than 120 Mifare Card that can be programmed into the device, as well. installation, powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, the device comes with an impressive package that provides 2 keys and 2 Mifare cards. Keep in mind that the batteries are not included in the package. The Avent Security Pin Code Door Lock comes with a stylish and elegant design that will surely fit with any home decoration. 

  • Easier way to unlock the door by Avent Security Pin Code Lock

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    Avent Security Digital Door Lock was one of the smartest lock on the market, and it's still one of our favorites. The Avent Security touch-to-unlock feature makes it one of the easiest smart locks to use. All you have to do is approach with your fingerprint or smart card, password. A simple tap unlocks the lock. The Avent Security Digital Door is your best option. Check our website to find out which model of smart door lock we recommend. 

    It will prove a more secure home in your life. Instead of replacing your entire lock, the Avent Security Smart Door Lock replaces only the inside, leaving the exterior of your home looking the same as ever. This is a great solution for anyone who prefers the look of their current door hardware or renters who can't switch out their door locks. If you’re even a little intimidated by smart home tech, you’ll be glad to know the outdoor lock works the same as ever — but now it can work with your fingerprint as well. The Avent Security Digital Door Lock can be set to unlock by use the remote control, when it detects you (or, more accurately, your remote control signal) approaching.

  • New beginning with Avent Security Pin Code Lock

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    Smart locks that supplement or replace your front door deadbolt do much more than lock and unlock your door without a key. Avent Security Keyless Door Lock let you receive alerts and track who's entering and leaving your abode. You can send the password as a "keys" to visitors, children, trusted service workers or guests when you're not home; and remotely lock and unlock when you're away from home.
    Since smart locks run on batteries, coming home to a dead smart lock is a remote possibility. Avent Security Digital Door Lock batteries last between 8,000 to 10,000 times. There is a flashing light on the lock which can let you know if the batteries need replacing. But the fact you even have to worry about power for your lock. Avent Security Digital Door Lock used 4 AA Alkaline of 1.5V batteries. The lock also have also have 9V emergency battery backup power support. When the 4 batteries run off, the 9V battery can be charged on the ports to give the lock a temporary power for unlocking. The low battery alarm would prevent used up the battery. Most of the Avent Security Digital Door Lock have a OLED display which is place on the outside plate. The display shows some information about the lock. From the OLED display, date, time, lock records and lock status can be found easily. In additional, it shows messages from the display to add value for the daily usage experience. Unlock record and data download system also available. Through the software you can check the latest 3,000 unlock records. These smart functions could dissuade you from buying one of the Avent Security Digital Door Lock to begin with.

1. What kinds of products can Avent Security sell?
Avent Security provides Fingerprint Door Locks, Password (Code) Door Locks, RF Card Door Locks (Hotel Door Locks) and the accessories related.
2. Where we can find the products?
There are sales agents and distributors in Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Columbia, Brazil, and USA.
3. What is the product warranty?
All products have 1 year limited warranty. You can find the details on the warranty page.
4. What forms of cooperation can Avent Security provide?
Joining our sales agent/distributors group to promote our products can have the greatest support. In additional, OEM and ODM collaborations are available.
5. What certificate Avent Security has?
For the products there are CE, FCC, Rosh available. The company has ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and IOS14001 for the management system certificate.
6. What projects does Avent Security get?
Sky Center Apartment (Vietnam), Saigon Mia Residence (Vietnam), Solo Express Hotel (Thailand), Waterford Sukhumvit (Thailand), The Art Residence (Vietnam), El Nido Beach Hotel (Philippines) …etc. are the project cases in these 3 years.