Part 1: How do I choose a door lock for my home?

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Home security starts at your front door with – you guessed it – your lock and deadbolt. With option after option on the market for your DIY home security upgrade, how do you cut through the clutter and choose the lock that best suits your needs? In this article, we’ll discuss the process of comparing locks, what to look for, and how to choose the right one.

Consider Function

First and foremost, for what room are you looking for a lock? There are three main functional categories: privacy, passage and entry. Defining the primary function is the first step in choosing a lock. Function will help determine the level of security and endurance your lock will need to uphold. For example, a hallway or interior door typically doesn’t need a higher level of security than your front door. If it’s a high traffic area (such as a bathroom) you’ll want your lock to hold up longer, therefore a higher grade of lock is more appropriate.

Avent Security had 3 types of smart door locks: fingerprint door lock, password door lock and RF card door lock. All of these smart door lock can be installed in wooden door in 35~55mm or 45~55mm thickness. Some of Password can be installed in glass door, which the door thickness is 10~12mm and install with the assistance plates.


1. What kinds of products can Avent Security sell?
Avent Security provides Fingerprint Door Locks, Password (Code) Door Locks, RF Card Door Locks (Hotel Door Locks) and the accessories related.
2. Where we can find the products?
There are sales agents and distributors in Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Columbia, Brazil, and USA.
3. What is the product warranty?
All products have 1 year limited warranty. You can find the details on the warranty page.
4. What forms of cooperation can Avent Security provide?
Joining our sales agent/distributors group to promote our products can have the greatest support. In additional, OEM and ODM collaborations are available.
5. What certificate Avent Security has?
For the products there are CE, FCC, Rosh available. The company has ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and IOS14001 for the management system certificate.
6. What projects does Avent Security get?
Sky Center Apartment (Vietnam), Saigon Mia Residence (Vietnam), Solo Express Hotel (Thailand), Waterford Sukhumvit (Thailand), The Art Residence (Vietnam), El Nido Beach Hotel (Philippines) …etc. are the project cases in these 3 years.