How to choose the right lock in Avent Security for your business

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The array of different lock options can be confusing. With a variety of products to choose from, how do you know what locks you should use for your school, office, warehouse, garage, leisure centre, shop or house? You may want different types of lock for external doors, internal doors, and cabinets, or you might require specific lock specifications for insurance purposes or to meet building regulations.

Avent Security Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint is the main key to unlocking. In addition to password, RF card, and remote control also can be the keys. The sensor can identify the fingerprint automatically. The sensitive IR detectors are installed beside the fingerprint sensor, which make the sensor activate automatically when a finger is placed on it. Integrated with the 3rd-generation of fingerprint algorithm, the sensor can identify the fingerprint faster and clearer. More exciting functions such as unlock records, OLED display and so on.

Avent Security Password Door Lock

Password is the main key to unlocking. In addition to password, RF card, and remote control also can be the keys. Password door lock has the random password protection system. You can add any number before or after the real password and make sure no one will see the password. Avent Security has several types of password door lock which can protect your home better.

Avent Security Key Card Hotel Lock

The RF card door lock used the RF card to unlocking the door. RF card can ensure the hotels better security for the rooms, and faster speed for unlocking. The RF card communicates by 13.56MHz high frequency. This type of card has a large data storage, which makes it can be used not only for a door lock, but also for other entertainments in the hotel.




1. What kinds of products can Avent Security sell?
Avent Security provides Fingerprint Door Locks, Password (Code) Door Locks, RF Card Door Locks (Hotel Door Locks) and the accessories related.
2. Where we can find the products?
There are sales agents and distributors in Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Columbia, Brazil, and USA.
3. What is the product warranty?
All products have 1 year limited warranty. You can find the details on the warranty page.
4. What forms of cooperation can Avent Security provide?
Joining our sales agent/distributors group to promote our products can have the greatest support. In additional, OEM and ODM collaborations are available.
5. What certificate Avent Security has?
For the products there are CE, FCC, Rosh available. The company has ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and IOS14001 for the management system certificate.
6. What projects does Avent Security get?
Sky Center Apartment (Vietnam), Saigon Mia Residence (Vietnam), Solo Express Hotel (Thailand), Waterford Sukhumvit (Thailand), The Art Residence (Vietnam), El Nido Beach Hotel (Philippines) …etc. are the project cases in these 3 years.