How to Choose a Secure Code

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We are often asked how secure are these keyless locks, really?
Well, we've been selling these products. We have yet to find a single, verifiable case where someone was able to guess the code and open the lock. So we are very confident in these locks—provided you select a good, secure secret code that can't be easily guessed and you safeguard that code.
What NOT to do when selecting you secret code:
If you want your lock to be secure, don't select your secret code in any of the following ways:
NEVER use your birthdate! The bad guys know that people do this and it is one of the first things they try, since they can get this information from your driver's license or other ID if your wallet is lost or stolen. 
DON’T use a string of numbers sequential numbers like 123456! These rank are the most common iPhone PINs, so thieves try these first. 
AVOID your birth year — or any year from 1950 onward. 
DO NOT use the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number -- it is not secure. 
TAKE A PASS on your phone number, the birthdate of a child or grandchild. With an online search of public records, phone directories, or newspaper announcements, an Internet-savvy scoundrel can get that information. 
AVOID using the street or apartment number of your home, which is also easily found online and is also printed on your driver's license. 
What numbers should you use?
Consider these other smarter strategies when selecting you secret code:
One good idea would be to use a sequence of numbers from a childhood phone number or a long-unused company ID, BUT ONLY if it's no longer listed anywhere.
1. What kinds of products can Avent Security sell?
Avent Security provides Fingerprint Door Locks, Password (Code) Door Locks, RF Card Door Locks (Hotel Door Locks) and the accessories related.
2. Where we can find the products?
There are sales agents and distributors in Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Columbia, Brazil, and USA.
3. What is the product warranty?
All products have 1 year limited warranty. You can find the details on the warranty page.
4. What forms of cooperation can Avent Security provide?
Joining our sales agent/distributors group to promote our products can have the greatest support. In additional, OEM and ODM collaborations are available.
5. What certificate Avent Security has?
For the products there are CE, FCC, Rosh available. The company has ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and IOS14001 for the management system certificate.
6. What projects does Avent Security get?
Sky Center Apartment (Vietnam), Saigon Mia Residence (Vietnam), Solo Express Hotel (Thailand), Waterford Sukhumvit (Thailand), The Art Residence (Vietnam), El Nido Beach Hotel (Philippines) …etc. are the project cases in these 3 years.